Movie S1.

In situ compression experiment on an octahedron of octets second-order polymer half-cell with L=8 μm and N=15. The sample is displaced uniaxially to 50% strain at a rate of 10−3 s−1 and shows recovery to 85% of the original height after unloading. The sample is ductile throughout the compression experiment. ETD, Everhard–Thornley Detector; det, detector; HFW, horizontal field width; HV, high voltage; mag, magnification; WD, working distance.

Resilient 3D hierarchical architected metamaterials

Lucas R. Meza, Alex J. Zelhofer, Nigel Clarke, Arturo J. Mateos, Dennis M. Kochmann, and Julia R. Greer

PNAS. 2015. 112:11502-11507 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1509120112