Movie S3.

Four joined serial, double-tilt tomograms of the basal area of a monkey rod OS. The movie includes approximately two-thirds of the OS diameter, from the periphery to beyond the central area where the axoneme is visible. The ROI appears in the center. Every second z-slice was exported from 3dmod as a tiff file and then converted into a movie using Fiji. Images of individual z-slices are shown in Fig. 2 A–C and Fig. 3 A–C.

Three-dimensional organization of nascent rod outer segment disk membranes

Stefanie Volland, Louise C. Hughes, Christina Kong, Barry L. Burgess, Kenneth A. Linberg, Gabriel Luna, Z. Hong Zhou, Steven K. Fisher, and David S. Williams

PNAS. 2015. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1516309112