Movie S1.

Stochastic cycle selection in the graphs K4 (Left) and P3,1 (Right). Each graph shows an integration of the active network model up to t=2×104, played back such that 1 s is Δt=900. Flowing edges above |ϕe|>1/2 are cyan, nonflowing edges fluctuate from white at |ϕe|=0 to gray at |ϕe|=1/2. Parameters are λ=2.5, μ=25, and β−1=0.05.

Stochastic cycle selection in active flow networks

Francis G. Woodhouse, Aden Forrow, Joanna B. Fawcett, and Jörn Dunkel

PNAS. 2016. 113:8200-8205 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1603351113