Movie S1.

Time-lapse images of an example fASTest. A time-lapse movie of an fASTest, where we loaded the susceptible E. coli (MG1655) into the 2GMM and supplied GM without antibiotic in Upper and GM with CIP (1 µg/mL) in Lower. This movie is generated from a total of 120 phase contrast images that were taken with at 30-s intervals. The playback rate is 10 frames per second (i.e., each second in the playback corresponds to 5 min in the experiment).

Antibiotic susceptibility testing in less than 30 min using direct single-cell imaging

Özden Baltekin, Alexis Boucharin, Eva Tano, Dan I. Andersson, and Johan Elf

PNAS. 2017. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1708558114