Movie S1.

Ingression of fluorescent endodermal cells in the aggregate. Time-lapse recording of the aggregate made of wild-type ectoderm and lifeact-mOrange2–expressing endoderm. Maximum projection of the 110-μm deep Z-stacks taken each 4 min starting at 1 hpd. The first 180 Z-stacks are shown. Most endodermal cells ingress and disappear from the surface of the aggregate by 4.5 hpd.

Germ-layer commitment and axis formation in sea anemone embryonic cell aggregates

Anastasia Kirillova, Grigory Genikhovich, Ekaterina Pukhlyakova, Adrien Demilly, Yulia Kraus, and Ulrich Technau

PNAS. 2018. 115:1813-1818 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1711516115