Movie S1.

Raw images (1,000 images) through 50 μm of head tissue followed by a 3D reconstruction of one muscle fiber (red) surrounded by 25 connected O. unilateralis s.l. hyphal bodies (yellow) (see Fig. 3A for the size of the structures). Images from Ant #1. 3D reconstruction and video created using Avizo software.

Three-dimensional visualization and a deep-learning model reveal complex fungal parasite networks in behaviorally manipulated ants

Maridel A. Fredericksen, Yizhe Zhang, Missy L. Hazen, Raquel G. Loreto, Colleen A. Mangold, Danny Z. Chen, and David P. Hughes

PNAS. 2017. 114:12590-12595 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1711673114