Movie S1.

NAA80-KO cells have increased wound-healing capacity. Time-lapse video of the scratch wound assay shown in Fig. S4 A and B. HAP1 control (CTRL) cells and NAA80-KO cells (NAA80 KO1 and NAA80 KO2) were seeded in 96-well ImageLock plates (Essen BioScience) (200 µL of 40,000 cells/mL). Imaging and processing was performed on an IncuCyte ZOOM system.

NAA80 is actin’s N-terminal acetyltransferase and regulates cytoskeleton assembly and cell motility

Adrian Drazic, Henriette Aksnes, Michaël Marie, Malgorzata Boczkowska, Sylvia Varland, Evy Timmerman, Håvard Foyn, Nina Glomnes, Grzegorz Rebowski, Francis Impens, Kris Gevaert, Roberto Dominguez, and Thomas Arnesen

PNAS. 2018. 115:4399-4404 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1718336115