Movie S1.

Caterpillars induce electrical signals on Arabidopsis midviens. Experimental setup as in Fig. 2A in the main text. P. brassicae larva feeding on leaf 8 of 5 week-old WT plants (upper panel). A surface electrode was placed on the petiole of vascularly connected leaf 13 (lower panel). Video of an insect feeding on leaf 8 and surface potential recording from leaf 13 were taken simultaneously. Surface potential trace and video are 50 x accelerated.

Insect-damaged Arabidopsis moves like wounded Mimosa pudica

Andrzej Kurenda, Chi Tam Nguyen, Aurore Ch├ętelat, St├ęphanie Stolz, and Edward E. Farmer

PNAS. 2019. 116:26066-26071 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1912386116