Movie S1.

Composite movie of experimental fires burning engineered cardboard fuel beds in the MFSL wind tunnel showing three principal flame dynamics: (i) movement of concave flame parcels forward through the flame zone, (ii) peak and trough flame structure produced by Taylor-Görtler vorticity, and (iii) forward bursting of flames into fresh fuels ahead of the fire.

Role of buoyant flame dynamics in wildfire spread

Mark A. Finney, Jack D. Cohen, Jason M. Forthofer, Sara S. McAllister, Michael J. Gollner, Daniel J. Gorham, Kozo Saito, Nelson K. Akafuah, Brittany A. Adam, and Justin D. English

PNAS. 2015. 112:9833-9838 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1504498112