Movie S3.

Fully biocompatible magnetic transport of a POPC lipid-coated graphite microflake in diamagnetic 20 mM NaCl aqueous solution. The video shows a real-time image sequence for the transport of the coated HOPG particle along a horizontal magnetic field gradient in the same experimental setup as for the previous video file. The video corresponds to particle C1 with lateral half-sizes ∼ 3 μm×2 μm (Supplementary Table S2).

Magnetic control of graphitic microparticles in aqueous solutions

Johnny Nguyen, Dario Valter Conca, Johannes Stein, Laura Bovo, Chris A. Howard, and Isabel Llorente Garcia

PNAS. 2019. 116:2425-2434 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1817989116