Movie S1.

Uncoating of an infectious HIV-1 complex. HeLa-Bgl cells were infected with GFP-CA-labeled virions. Time-lapse images of the cells were acquired every 20 min using spinning disk confocal microscopy. A nuclear GFP-CA-labeled viral complex uncoated and lost the GFP-CA signal 7:10 hpi, a HIV-1 transcription site appeared near the site of GFP-CA disappearance 21:50 hpi, and gfp reporter was detected 23:50 hpi. For display, the z-slice closest to the viral complex was extracted from the z-stack for each time point. Time scale, hours:minutes post-infection; scale bar, 5 μm.

HIV-1 uncoats in the nucleus near sites of integration

Ryan C. Burdick, Chenglei Li, MohamedHusen Munshi, Jonathan M. O. Rawson, Kunio Nagashima, Wei-Shau Hu, and Vinay K. Pathak

PNAS. 2020. 117:5486-5493 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1920631117