Movie S1.

Motility in quasi-open spaces (plazas). Bacterial specific motility observed from the movies and discussed in the main text – Screen shots of the videos is presented here, while the actual movies can be downloaded. V. natriegens: Preference towards the corners and wall-directed motility. M. marinus: Wall-bouncing, ping-pong ball like motility pattern. Restricted motility and few straight trajectories in 4 μm tall plazas, as an effect of confinement. V. fischeri: Wiggling, chaotic motion with frequent pauses and change of directions. Observable frequently in 4 μm low plazas. P. putida: Typical circular motions with high deflection angles. The diameter of the circular motion decreases due to vertical confinement in 4 μm low plazas. E. coli: Wall-dependent motility with corner preferences. Also, small circular motions observed in both high and low plazas.