Movie S1.

Combined SHG and two-photon imaging of intradermal tumor. Yellow shows collagen SHG, magenta shows tumor cell nuclei (DAPI). Movie shows z-plane series, z distance from top plane shown in upper left, scale bar shown in lower left.

Contractility, focal adhesion orientation, and stress fiber orientation drive cancer cell polarity and migration along wavy ECM substrates

Robert S. Fischer, Xiaoyu Sun, Michelle A. Baird, Matt J. Hourwitz, Bo Ri Seo, Ana M. Pasapera, Shalin B. Mehta, Wolfgang Losert, Claudia Fischbach, John T. Fourkas, and Clare M. Waterman

PNAS. 2021. 118:None-None DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2021135118