Video 2

Directional movement of exfoliated cells in the epididymal duct of the neonatal rat with examples for the categories 1–3. The videos show directional transport of the exfoliated epididymal epithelial cells in the caput (A), corpus (B) and cauda region (C) of a 6-day-old rat epididymis. Video A serves as an example for category 1 (’predominant pendular movement within the field of view with marginal net flow’). Video B corresponds to category 2 (’directional flow within the field of view interrupted by pendular movement’). Finally, Video C represents an example for category 3 (’directional flow to the margins of the field of view interrupted by pendular movement’). No correlation was found between the different categories and the investigated parts of the epididymal duct. This video ( is available from the online version of the article at

Contractions transport exfoliated epithelial cells through the neonatal epididymis

Daniela Weiser, Andrea Mietens, Beatrix Stadler, Davor Je┼żek, Gerhard Schuler, and Ralf Middendorff

2020. 160:109-116 DOI: 10.1530/REP-19-0617